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Specialty Contact Lenses For Your Unique Eyes

There are a variety of eye conditions that can inhibit your ability to wear typical contact lenses. Luckily, there are options for almost everyone. The best way to determine what type of lens is best for you is to visit us for a comprehensive eye exam.

Types of Specialty Lenses

Specialty lenses can provide clear vision and comfort for someone who is unable to wear typical soft contact lenses.

Scleral lenses are large-diameter rigid gas-permeable lenses designed for corneal irregularities. They vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera (whites of the eyes), creating a smooth surface to correct vision problems caused by corneal ectasia. The lenses leave a space for fluid to collect, continuously bathing the cornea.

Orthokeratology, or OrthoK, lenses are rigid gas-permeable lenses worn overnight to temporarily correct nearsightedness. The lenses are commonly used in myopia control for children, but can also offer vision correction for people of all ages.

Aspheric lenses are contacts that aren’t entirely spherical. They are helpful for astigmatism and presbyopia as the lens power changes gradually from the center to the edge of the lens, minimizing distortion.

Toric lenses are named after their atypical shape. Rather than a sphere, they resemble a torus. They are designed to sit in a particular orientation on the eye and typically provide the best vision for patients with astigmatism.

Multifocal lenses are an excellent option for patients with presbyopia as they correct both near and far vision. They come in both soft and RGP styles.

Transition contact lenses contain photochromic molecules and darken when exposed to light. They help to protect the eyes from UV rays without the use of sunglasses.

If you are interested in contact lenses, a contact lens exam will help to determine which type works best for you.

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Our Services

Eye Exams
Eye Exams

Getting your eyes examined at least once a year can help to detect the early stages of eye disease and offer ways to manage symptoms. Safeguarding your ocular health can improve the longevity of your clear vision.


Neurolenses are prescription eyeglass lenses that can help relieve the eye strain, headaches, and neck/shoulder pain that many people experience as a result of digital device use. Neurolenses work by adding a contoured prism to the lenses, helping to align the eyes.

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Contacts are suitable for most individuals and can treat some corneal irregularities. We can help you find the contact lenses that work best for you, even if you’ve had some trouble in the past.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management
Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

We can help identify early signs of eye disease and provide a treatment plan that works best for you. We can effectively treat and manage conditions like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts.

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