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A Life Free From Glasses & Contacts

Refractive surgery has been successful for millions of Americans looking to live their lives free from glasses and contacts. The procedure helps to correct refractive errors by reshaping the cornea with a high-powered laser.

Refractive errors occur when light rays do not bend (refract) correctly as they enter the eye, making it difficult for light to focus on the retina. The retina sends signals to the brain to create images, so without proper refraction, the images we see are blurry.

Depending on the type of refractive error, refractive surgery can reshape the cornea to provide clear vision with minimal downtime. Usually, the procedure can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but always talk with your optometrist before making any decisions regarding your eye health.

Is Refractive Surgery Right For Me?

There are specific requirements that patients must meet to ensure the risk of complications is minimal.

If you are interested in refractive surgery, the basic requirements are:

  • You’re 18 years or older, although waiting until vision has stopped changing is ideal.
  • Your eye prescription has not changed much in the last 2 years.
  • Your overall eye health should be good, with a thick enough cornea to sustain the procedure.

If you have certain eye conditions or diseases, extreme levels of refractive error, severe dry eye, or are pregnant or nursing, the procedure may not be right for you. Please discuss with your optometrist if you have any concerns or are interested in laser eye surgery.

Laser in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) is the most common type of laser eye surgery performed in the US. An excimer laser is used to make a flap in the outer layer of the corneal tissue (the epithelium) to access the cornea. The laser is then used to reshape the cornea to focus light properly, and the flap is replaced to act as a natural bandage.

LASIK typically provides minimal discomfort and rapid vision recovery.

LASIK can correct refractive errors caused by myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Similar to LASIK, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) also involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. However, the epithelium is removed entirely to expose the cornea underneath. An excimer laser is used to shape the cornea in the same way performed in LASIK, and then a specialized lens is placed on top to act as a bandage.

PRK may cause moderate discomfort and blurred vision during healing that can sometimes take several weeks to completely resolve.

PRK is a suitable procedure to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, and may be a better option for individuals with thin corneas.

We strongly recommend having a comprehensive eye examination before deciding on a procedure.

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Our Services

Eye Exams
Eye Exams

Getting your eyes examined at least once a year can help to detect the early stages of eye disease and offer ways to manage symptoms. Safeguarding your ocular health can improve the longevity of your clear vision.


Neurolenses are prescription eyeglass lenses that can help relieve the eye strain, headaches, and neck/shoulder pain that many people experience as a result of digital device use. Neurolenses work by adding a contoured prism to the lenses, helping to align the eyes.

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Contacts are suitable for most individuals and can treat some corneal irregularities. We can help you find the contact lenses that work best for you, even if you’ve had some trouble in the past.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management
Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

We can help identify early signs of eye disease and provide a treatment plan that works best for you. We can effectively treat and manage conditions like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts.

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